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A Better Way to Serve Your Clients

Bridging healthcare and community services through safe and efficient transportation

Benefit Statement

We will help you to reduce costs, improve the quality of care, and improve clinical outcomes.

How it Works

1) Rider Requests Ride

  • By Calling ButterFLi or
  • By using the ButterFLi consumer app

2) Mobility Requirements are Gathered

Mobility requirements are gathered to determine what kind of service is needed.

3) ButterFLi Dispatch

ButterFLi Dispatch Service matches the riders’ need with the right vehicle and service

4) Driver is Sent

Driver is sent to pick up the passenger

5) Rider is Delivered to Destination

Driver assists the rider into the vehicle and safely delivers the rider to their destination

6) Payment Information

ButterFLi captures client card on file or generates an invoice for automatic payment

ButterFLi Technology, Inc.

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