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Assisted Transportation

ButterFLi provides on-demand and scheduled assisted transportation for persons with disabilities, seniors, or anyone with a barrier to mobility. BOOK A RIDE TODAY!


About ButterFLi

ButterFLi improves the lives of assisted riders, impacts the business of specialty fleets, and transforms transportation within cities and healthcare organizations through personalization and connected technology.

ButterFLi’s connected fleet solution aggregates existing transportation companies and greatly simplifies access to on-demand and scheduled services to an under-served community of individuals with varying mobility needs.


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A Better Way to Live, Work, and Play

ButterFLi serves all types of customers. Whether you are a healthcare organization, municipality, government organization, enterprise or individual, ButterFLi provides prompt, convenient and professional services tailored to your specialized transportation needs.


ButterFLi Assisted Transportation Services

Door-to-Door | Curb-to-Curb | Short & Long Distance

The Opportunity in Assisted Transportation Specialty Fleet Market

If you are in assisted or specialized transportation and put your customers first, we’d like to connect with you. Whether your fleet has one vehicle or one hundred, the ButterFLi network can increase your business and make it run more smoothly. Together we can care for more people than we can apart.



Partnerships Drive Success

Partnerships are the key to ultimate customer satisfaction. Collaboration with trusted partners leads to innovations that better serve the transportation needs of our customers!



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