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About Us

Founding Story

Delilah Lanoix and John Harris, owners of SMS Transportation, are experienced specialty fleet entrepreneurs.  Having been in the NEMT transportation business for over 25 years, they saw first-hand just how inefficient their industry was for both their riders, but also their fleet.  Specialty fleets typically see a 40-50% inefficiency in their business and assisted rides don’t always have a perfect experience.

Delilah and John took it upon themselves to transform the industry by providing more value to their the fleets and most importantly to the riders. That’s when ButterFLi was created.

“We saw a vision of how technology and service could rapidly change this industry,” says Lanoix.

On-demand mobility is something most of us have come to expect, but if you need some assistance or a specialized vehicle, it’s a different story with limited options. That’s where ButterFLi comes in. We’ve created a platform that connects existing businesses together into a network that can handle on-demand requests. 


ButterFLi improves the lives of assisted riders, impacts the business of specialty fleets, and transforms transportation within cities and healthcare organizations through personalization and connected technology.

Meet the Team

Delilah Lanoix

Delilah Lanoix


Delilah is a leading-edge entrepreneur that sees a new way to serve the specialized transportation industry. As an owner of SMS Transportation she positioned a market opportunity with the SMS fleet to use the new on-demand business model and create a new market for existing fleets to better serve assisted riders. Now the CEO of ButterFLi, Delilah’s vision of creating a national, on-demand specialty fleet is only one of many ways she sees in transforming the industry.

Nearly 20 years in transportation, Transportation Management certified, B.S. University of LaVerne

John Harris

John Harris

Initial Investor & General Counsel

John has seeded and developed several companies into multi-million businesses.  But the one business he co-founded, SMS Transportation, really has an ability to impact the lives of disabled riders and reshape the $51 billion market.  John’s pragmatism along with his vast connections in the transportation industry has helped position ButterFLi as a leading player in the specialty fleet industry. 

John received his J.D. and BS from UCLA and also serves as the General Counsel and Board of ButterFLi.

Mark Fuglevand

Mark Fuglevand

Chief Marketing Officer

Mark is a thought leader in the disabled community and possesses an innate ability to connect with others.  As head of marketing he is responsible for brand exposure, social media outreach and formulating strategic business development partnerships.

At the age of eighteen, Mark became a quadriplegic as the result of a swimming accident.  Having been a wheelchair user for over twenty two years, he is passionate about adaptive product development and advocacy for individuals suffering from a spinal cord injury through his company, Abilitease.

Mark received his Master in Taxation as well as his B.S. in Accounting from the University of Southern California.  He is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California.

Alan Hysinger

Alan Hysinger

Chief Technology Officer

Alan Hysinger is an Entrepreneur, Software Developer and Technology Expert with 35 years experience. Curious about computing since he was a teenager, Alan’s technological roots date back to the origin of the modern computer network. He has over a decade of experience integrating technology in demanding zero-downtime environments such as Wall Street. He brings extensive experience computerizing logistics operations, where the study of Time & Motion and Human Interface are the primary focus.

Debajyoti (Deb) Ray

Debajyoti (Deb) Ray

Initial Investor & Technology Leader

Deb is an expert in computer applications and optimization. He has built software platform businesses that grew to $80M+ across USA, Europe and Asia. 

Deb advises and invests in technology companies that are transforming old era business process to customer focused AI and emerging technologies.

Deb received his Ph.D. from Caltech and his B.S. from the University of Toronto.   He is also a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, INFORMS, and Economics Sciences Association.

Marcee Chmait

Marcee Chmait

Chief Business Officer

Nearly 30 years in business at leading organizations such as Optum, Cambia Health Solutions and 3-startups.  Marcee is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

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